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MKE SLP aims to develop leaders in multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and interprofessional service delivery methods and emphasize comprehensive services centered on the client. This strategy is both effective and efficient for improving or maintaining quality of life and building the client's communication skills.


Experience,  Professionalism,  Flexibility,  Specialty Services
Collaboration and Community for Client Centered and Client Powered Speech Language Therapy


Use this link to visit Andrew's About Me page.

The page contains Andrew's background information including a downloadable PDF of his C.V.




  • Flexibility in place of service, contracts, and appointments.

  • MKE SLP offers active consultations and availability including nights and weekends.

  • Options for telehealth, online therapy, and remote coaching for mutual skill building.



Interprofessional Communication Services including specialty services for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), complex communication needs, developmental and intellectual disabilities, acquired disorders or disabilities, and meeting individualized education plans (IEP).


Services are guided by ethics, evidence-based practice, current standards of practice, law and policy, and experience. They are designed to maximizing every client's communication potential


  • Teamwork is essential to maximizing skills and includes working with the client, family, community members, education team, employers, and additional providers as appropriate

  • Working with a community provider

  • Access to an established network and resources within area and state

  • Supporting local business and member of the community

Past, Present, and Forward Thinking


MKE SLP was started to provide highly specialized intervention services for individuals with complex communication needs of all ages, including those who utilize Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems in the Southeastern Wisconsin area. MKE SLP is dedicated to providing comprehensive speech, language, and communication services for individuals with complex communication needs across all environments.


Company Goals

MKE SLP's goal is to address challenges in providing comprehensive care across environments - whether in the community, at a business, in the home, at school - and actively supporting communication between different service providers.

Mission and Vision​

MKE SLP is founded on the principals of the Communication Bill of Rights. The mission of MKE SLP is to provide highly specialized speech-language pathology and interprofessional intervention. This includes an emphasis on augmentative and alternative communication strategies and supporting clients obtain and utilize AAC systems in Wisconsin. MKE SLP works to close the gaps in service delivery by having flexibility in providing detailed communication evaluations and interventions across environments and team members.

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