Speech-Language Pathology Services at MKE SLP

Working with you to maximize communication potentials

As an American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, I offer quality medical services to meet clients’ complex communication needs. MKE SLP is committed to offering the highest quality health care services to the Southeastern Wisconsin community. Years of hard work and successful results in challenging environments supported the development of the clinical skills necessary to support folks in maxmizing their communciation potentials. We look forward to working with you and your team, and are excited about the progress we will make together. 

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Speech, Language, and Communication Skills Therapy and Direct Intervention

Intervention services will be provided based on individual needs. Therapy sessions may take place across a range of locations including in the community, at work and/or school, in a group setting, or in the home. MKE SLP's intervention approach emphasizes evidence based practices including creation of therapy materials, providing clear intervention goals with consistent monitoring of goal progress, access to after-visit summary notes, and working with other team members as appropriate.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) &

Speech Generating Device (SGD) Services

Providing highly specialized AAC services including:

  • Evaluation and diagnostic feature matching process to identify the most appropriate communication system including speech generating devices as medically necessary

  • Intervention and therapy sessions to maximize AAC communication skills which may include providing therapy across any/all environments (e.g., school, workplace)

  • Consulting for Assisitve Technology and Augmentative and Alterntative Communication systems. MKE SLP will work with you and your team to educate, design, and implement AT and AAC systems

Speech, Language, and Communication Evaluation

MKE SLP provides comprehensive evaluations of speech / language / communication needs which will include a thorough speech-language evaluation report with recommendations for intervention as applicable.  This may include any combination of the following procedures depending on individual needs:

  • Standardized assessment

  • Additional assessment based on standards / best practices

  • Communication observation in different environments (e.g. community, school, home)

Temporary Speech-Language Pathology Services

Do you have a need for immediate or future certified Speech-Language Pathology services? MKE SLP will help support your educational and clinical mission by working with you to develop an exceptional intervention plan. Services include the following:

  • Maternity leave and temporary coverage contracts

  • Short or Long-term staffing for medical leave

  • Coverage for busy / peak seasons

  • Contract staffing for local education service agencies / CESAs

  • Presentations, CEU courses, and consulting services available

  • Partnerships with community providers and programs

Presentation, Group Training, Consultation, and CEU Courses

MKE SLP provides comprehensive training and educational supports for maximizing evaluation and intervention strategies for individuals with complex communication needs including Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Assistive Technology. The following are examples of educational services offered:

  • Working with school teams to maximize communication supports across environments

  • Presentations on Augmentative and Alternative Communication strategies and Systems ranging from Introduction to AAC to Advanced topics

  • Options for CEUs for SLPs related to AAC and/or complex communication needs

  • Group training classes for health care providers and medical facilities

  • Consultation for businesses and workplaces looking to ensure ADA compliance for individuals with communication impairments

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